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The statistics prove that Radio Advertising works so have a look at what we at

Radio Xtra can offer you or your business, a really cost effective way to get 

your Name or product to over a million prospective clients in Hertfordshire and 

North London


Theres an Xtra advertising package to suit all budgets from short term promotion to the full all out sales campaign. You could even sponsor a show. All of these could get your name, business or message out to current and potentially new customers throughout the county. 

Radio Xtra Advertising

As well as advertising with Radio Xtra how about having our Roadshow team or outside Broadcast Unit coming live from your event or premises. Our Roadshow Team provides Public Address, comperes and Music. Our Outside Broadcast Unit provides Presenters who produce and broadcast live.


Roadshow Team or Outside Broadcast


What is Sponsorship ??  Its your opportunity to have your Company name or key message broadcast on a regular basis over a 24 hour period possibly getting into over a million homes throughout Hertfordshire and North London.

Sponsorship is flexible and customised to reach your target audience. Its one of the most cost effectiveways to communicate your brand or message to your regular customers and potentially new clients.

It can increase your company /products visibility in a way print cannot. 

Give your brand recognition across the local area with a cost effective way to have regular and repeatable messaging which supports your company's products image.

Lastly Sponsorship offers you the ability to support your local community radio station


Radio Xtra Sponsorship  

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