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Radio Xtra is brand new on line radio station broadcasting through out the county and beyond. With staff having over 25 years of radio experience our aim is to produce locally based programmes bringing to you local news views and events in other words whats happening in the street next to you.If you have a local event which Hertfordshire needs to know about advertise it with us. Details available just click on Info@RadioXtra.co.uk

Being an independent self-funding radio station Radio Xtra is aiming to commence broadcasting at the end of November 2016  with testing at present. What do you think of our music ?  your opinion matters to us. Send us your comments

With programmes being broadcast 24 hours a day 365 days a year we are looking to involve many local schools and colleges in producing their own unique shows with live broadcasting being their end product.

Have you ever thought about being involved with a radio station.Well heres your chance, volunteers are always welcome to join our team. The other opportunity available is to enrol in the Radio Xtra training school for all budding presenters. Just click on either of the links below to send us a Email info@radioxta.co.uk  for more information 

Do you have a favourite presenter and want to know more about them or when their on air click on the Radio Link for more info 

The Radio Xtra on line directory connects you with all sorts of local Businesses, helping and promoting your local trader.So try here first. You never know who you might find.

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