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3 months ago
Hi David can you play summertime please Jazzy Jeff I'm loving the weather
3 months ago
Love the show Mark
4 months ago
Hi Wayne great show can you play take that please
5 months ago
Any chance of hearing the first Trojan label song I ever bought - Suzanne Beware Of The Devil
David B
5 months ago
Hi to the Croydon mini massive
Marky mark
5 months ago
Alright matey Marky Mark here listening from his Derbyshire studio give the mrs anna a shout out cheers lover
5 months ago
Hello mate r u doing the pop pickers tonite
5 months ago
hello big del, can you play something by the specials, for all your special friends
Dt steve
5 months ago
Hi mate say hello to us from worcester
5 months ago
Tunes Delboy